Local Features

Junction Bridge House
The picturesque cottage at the Junction was built in 1833 to house the canal company’s toll collector for boats entering the Stroudwater.
The building later accommodated the British Waterways Bridge Keeper. The bridge keeper’s office is at the eastern end of the cottage. Inside the office is the original toll collection desk. N
owadays, this historical artefact stands alongside a bank of CCTV screens, camera controls and switchgear.
The bridge-keeper uses these devices to operate the Junction Footbridge across the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal. For waterborne access to and from the SJBOC Moorings, call
01452 740 444 or 07827 254 740 or VHF Radio Channel 74.

Saul Junction Car Park
Pay & Display Parking for visitors is plentiful at this popular waterside venue.
Saul Junction Boat Owners Club members are issued Free Parking Permits for up to two vehicles.
There is a Boater’s Rubbish Disposal facility in the car park.

Saul Lock
The lock at Saul Junction was built in the 1820s to raise the Stroudwater Navigation level by four feet to match the new Gloucester – Sharpness Canal level.
he lock, a listed structure,
was restored/preserved in 2016.
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Sit a while at Saul
One of six memorial benches at Saul; designed, built & installed by Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers.
The green zinc plaques carry personal messages and graphic designs.
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Saul Marina
Saul Marina has a well-stocked chandlery.
Diesel, gas, logs and coal are available.
There is also a Boat Brokerage.
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RW Davis Ship & Boat Builders
The boatyard and dry dock are a constant source of activity and interest. Proprietor, Phil Trotter, oversees the construction of Motor Barges, Tug-Yachts and the classic Northwich Trader narrowboats. The boatyard crane is a well-known landmark for walkers, cyclists, drivers and boaters. Some locals maintain that the RAF use the crane as a navigational reference point.
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Wycliffe Boat Club
Wycliffe College, a local public school, operates Wycliffe Boat Club on the Gloucester—Sharpness Canal at the Junction.  There is regular rowing activity throughout the year.  On the first Saturday in December & February, Wycliffe hosts the ‘Rowing Heads’, a rowing competition that attracts boats, crews & supporters from a wide area.
navigation restrictions apply on these days.

The Willow Trust
Saul Junction is the home mooring for The Willow Trust, a charity providing boat trips for special needs passenger groups.
Two Willow Trust Boats, Spirit of Freedom and Leonard Matchan operate on weekdays from April until October.

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Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre
The Visitor Centre & Canal Shop was a partnership project between The Cotswold Canals Trust, Stroud District Council and Canal & River Trust.
The Visitor Centre provides information on restoring the 36-mile route of the Stroudwater Navigation and The Thames & Severn Canal, known collectively as The Cotswold Canals’.
Facilities at the Centre include toilets, showers, laundry, sewage pump-out and a toilet cassette disposal point. Laundry tokens and boater’s ‘Watermate‘ keys can also be purchased.
The pump-out is operated using a credit card.
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The Stables Café
The Stables Café is situated close to Sandfield Bridge at the entrance to the Saul Junction site.
The building was once used as stables for horses that towed vessels along the canal. Indoor and outdoor seating provide ever-changing waterside views of canal activity.  An ice cream parlour is situated in the courtyard area.

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Whitminster A38 Roundabout, Canal & Road Project 2020
By 2026, SJBOC members should be able to cruise East
along the new channel under the A38, a year-long 21st-century engineering triumph! The cruising route
will include part of the original 1779 Stroudwater Navigation and new river/canal routes, locks & bridges.
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